Beat the Summer Heat with an A/C Recharge

When your air conditioning system isn’t cooling the cabin properly, it may be necessary to recharge the system.  An AC recharge is a process whereby the AC system is refilled with refrigerant when it begins to run low.  Refrigerant liquid runs through an AC system to cool down air flow, converting hot air into cool air for those days of oppressive heat.  A proper amount of refrigerant is needed so that the AC system runs smoothly.  Otherwise, the air conditioner may take too long to cool down the cabin or be unable to do its job at all.

At Jiffy Luge our trained technicians will inspect your AC system and provide a recharge when there’s a significant change in the air quality, or just no cool air coming from the vents at all, or if there are abnormal sounds from the engine compartment. They’ll top off the system with the right refrigerant, monitor the vent temperatures, and inspect the system for leaks.

Jiffy Lube does not recommend servicing systems with detected leaks or damage. The Jiffy Lube AC service is designed for periodic maintenance rather than AC repair, but rest assured Jiffy Lube can recommend the next steps to be taken to get your AC system up and running. Early detection of leaks or damage to your vehicle AC system can save you time and money, keeping you and everyone in your vehicle cool and worry free.