Engine Air Filter Replacement

Whenever you press down on the accelerator, it’s controlling how much air and fuel goes into the engine.  The engine’s air filtration system filters the air’s contaminants in order to ensure the correct mixture of fuel and air.  The air filter reduces the entrance of harmful dirt particles into the engine’s air intake system where they may cause engine damage.

It is critical to have proper filtration in an engine’s air intake system to ensure efficient fuel combustion and provide protection from harmful particles.

As the components of an engine’s air filtration system become restricted, airflow is lessened, which potentially leads to poor acceleration, reduced engine performance, reduced fuel economy, and oil leaks, among other issues.

Benefits of a properly functioning air filtration system:

  • Maintains proper mixture of air and fuel
  • Better fuel economy
  • Smoother engine performance
  • Improved acceleration
  • Protection against dirt and other harmful particles

Passenger Cabin Air Filter Replacement

The climate control system in your passenger cabin includes a filter that helps remove dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles from the air and improve the interior air quality that you and your passengers breathe. After a visual inspection, Jiffy Lube® Technicians can install a new cabin air filter replacement, if necessary. Your vehicle manufacturer recommends replacement at normal and severe intervals based on your driving habits. If you routinely drive in particularly challenging environments — on dirt or dusty roads — consider using the severe recommended interval. Even if it’s unclear when the last time your filter was replaced, your technician can tell if it’s clogged with dust and debris.

Signs That You Need Air Filtration Services:

  • #1Visually dirty or clogged filter
  • #2Visually dirty or clogged engine air filter
  • #3Reduced air flow in the cabin
  • #4Increased noise when the fan is running
  • #5Reduced acceleration

Did You Know:

Not all vehicles are equipped with passenger cabin air filters, so if you’ve got airborne allergies or dust sensitivities and are shopping for a new or (especially) used vehicle, check to make sure it’s equipped with one.