It is important to regularly flush your brake fluid.  Make sure to make an annual visit to get your brakes flushed and avoid costly repairs.

One of the major causes of brake failures and the need for repairs is the brake fluid naturally attracting and absorbing moisture from the air.  The boiling point of the brake fluid goes down and the fluid is more apt to become gaseous and compromise the efficiency of the hydraulic brake system, reducing brake performance.  Additionally, when mixed with moisture, the brake fluid oxidizes, degrades,  and becomes corrosive and contaminated with particles, causing damage to brake system parts and sluggish brake response.

Our trained professionals will provide a complete brake system flush and replacement with top-grade fluid fed into the master cylinder reservoir.  All wheel cylinders are bled, and moisture and air are removed from the brake system.

Our quality service will keep your brake system healthy so that your brakes are reliable in all circumstances.