Over time, transmission fluid degrades in quality.  Additives in the fluid get depleted, and contaminants make their way into your transmission, causing buildup that affects the smooth working of your transmission.  Regularly flushing your transmission fluid will clean out cooler lines and the torque converter.  Our technicians will replace the dirty fluid with clean, high-quality transmission fluid that keeps the system lubricated and prevents wear and tear to the transmission.

A full transmission flush will change out all the fluid in your transmission, as opposed to a fluid change or top-up, where old fluid still remains and only a portion is replaced.  A full transmission flush is a much more effective service in extending the life of your transmission.

The benefits of maintaining your transmission and regularly flushing the fluid are as follows:

  • Prevention of overheating and transmission failure due to inefficient transmission fluid
  • Extends transmission life
  • Reduces wear on gears and bearings
  • Replenishes important additives in the fluid
  • Promotes smoother shifting
  • Conditions and protects seals
  • Lowers operating temperature

Signs and Symptoms Your Vehicle Needs A Transmission Fluid Change:

  1. Burning smell inside and/or outside your vehicle
  2. Leaking fluid
  3. Check Engine light on dashboard is on
  4. Grinding or shaking when changing gears
  5. Delay in vehicle movement when trying to accelerate (the engine revs, but the vehicle only gains speed slowly)
  6. Rough or harsh shifts

Come in to Jiffy Lube Vancouver today and our technicians will provide a quality transmission flush service using high-quality transmission fluid.