Windshield wipers are often seen as an afterthought, used for when it’s raining or snowing, but during stretches of calmer weather, they are often out of sight and out of mind.  However, properly functioning wipers are an important safety feature of your vehicle. Worn out wipers can be a safety hazard, and they can compromise your view of the road with skipping, streaking, or chattering blades unable to properly clear your windshield when a rain storm or any inclement weather comes along.  UV damage, ice, and snow can cause gradual deterioration of your wiper blades, so it’s important to get them replaced regularly.

Signs and Symptoms Your Vehicle Needs New Windshield Wiper Blades:

  1. Streaks left behind on glass after wiper passes
  2. Blades “squeak”
  3. Blades chatter
  4. Blades are more than two years old

Jiffy Lube Vancouver’s automotive experts will provide quick, quality installation of new windshield wipers when you come visit, and we carry the best options in high-performing wiper blades.

Windshield Treatment

A special chemical treatment can be applied to exterior glass to help repel the accumulation of rain, snow, sleet and mist. Many Jiffy Lube® customers find the treatment improves defogging of the glass, the effectiveness of the wipers and/or the ease of clearing a snow-covered vehicle’s windows.