New Tire Sales

We carry an extensive selection of new tires.  Call or visit us to find a tire that’s right for your vehicle or use the form below.

New tire with white Alloygator rim protector
New tire with white Alloygator rim protector

We also install and carry Alloygator wheel protectors.  These go on between the wheel and your allow rims to help protect them from scraping and grating against curbs, plus they look great!

Tire Changeover

We offer spring tire changeover and winter tire changeover.

Tire Rotation

Tires may wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle, your driving style, and the condition of your suspension.  On front-wheel-drive vehicles, front tires tend to wear faster than rear tires due to added pressure/resistance from steering.  Regularly rotating your tires helps evenly distribute tire wear – helping you get the most miles out of your tires while maximizing traction on all four wheels.

We consider regular tire rotations a basic tire maintenance item and recommend you get your tires rotated every 10,000-12,000 kilometers.

Flat Tire Repair

At Jiffy Luge Vancouver we offer flat tire repair service, no appointment necessary!